Need help getting your medication we can help!

Without Insurance? Can't afford 

to pay your bills and pay copay's for


We can help you get most of your medication that you take daily for free or for a low price ($20 or $30) for a 3 month supply. We can even help with some cancer drugs and other illnesses that the medications are so costly.

We can help get medication for any age from babies to the
elderly. With the economy being like it is so many Americans are without insurance to pay for medications or they can't afford to pay for their medications. That is why
we are here to help. To make sure all Americans can get
the medications they need to stay healthy and to prevent
further medical problems.
Here is how are program works:
You contact us on the contact page with your contact information and we will contact you back and get the information from you that is needed to see if you qualify for the program. The information we need at first to see if you qualify is: If you have Insurance or not and what was your gross income on your most recent tax papers you filed. The free medication program does go by income but the income guidelines are set high we will include an example of income guidelines for one medication below. The low cost medication ($20 or $30 for a 3 month supply) does not go by income everyone is qualified for this program.

After we have determined that you qualify and you live close to our office We will set up an appointment to get the other information needed
to finish the application process. If you do not live close to the office we will set up an appointment to do the application over the phone or on the internet which ever you prefer to do. After the application process is complete we will contact you back with the prescriptions that are covered under the program and how you wish to proceed.

If you decide that this program benefits you than you will pay a $10 or $20 fee for  our time of filling out the necessary forms and for the postage and handling to send the forms and instructions to you. If you have 1 or 5 medications that are on the free medication program the fee will be $10. If you have 6 to 10 medications that are on the free medication program your fee will be $15. The fee for more than 10 medication on the free medication program is $20. If your medications qualify for the low cost ($20 or $30 for three month supply) then your fee will be $10.

After your fee is paid we will send you the paperwork with your information already filled out and then you take it to your doctor for his signature and a prescription for a 90 day supply with three refills. Then you attach a copy of your most recent federal tax papers (just the page with your income on it) and mail it in to the address we provide you and you will receive your 90 day supply of medication within 2 to 4 weeks. Some medications will be shipped directly to your home and some will be shipped to your doctor's office. You can feel secure about the medication you will receive they are shipped directly from the pharmaceutical companies that makes them.  

When you get down to your last 3 weeks of medication you contact us back and tell us you need a refill pay a $3 fee for our time and we will get your refill sent out to you. That takes care of your medication for a year!!! After you receive your last refill we just do the process all over again for the next year.

We can't help with Narcotics like
Lortabs or other pain medications

so don't contact us if that is what you want to
try because the answer will be no we can't help you with that. We are here to help those that are uninsured and underinsured get the medication that they need on a daily bases in order to stay healthy or prevent other medical problems but we do have rules to go by and this is a major one that can not and will not be broken for any reason.

I repeat we will not help with any
Narcotic Pain Medication and
other medications considered

Example Of Income Guidelines:
e guidelines for Celebrex is:
Income at or below:
200 % FPL  
200 % FPL
Other Income Requirements:
Adjusted for family size.
Federal Poverty Guidelines:
HHS Poverty Guidelines  Continental U.S.
Person in Family Unit          175% FPL             200% FPL           250% FPL

       1                                           18,200                      20,800                     26,000

       2                                            24,500                     28,00                       35,000

       3                                            30,800                     35,200                     44,000

       4                                            37,100                     42,400                      53,00
       5                                            43,400                     49,600                      62,000        

       6                                            49,700                     56,800                       71,000        

       7                                            56,000                     64,000                       80,000              

       8                                            62,300                     71,200                       89,000

       Add For Each Additional          6,300                       7,200                         9,000

The following is a list of our fees:

1 to 5 medications on the free medication program:                 $10

6 to 10 medications on the free medication Programs:             $15

More than 10 medications on the free medication Program:     $20

Medication of the Low cost Medication Program:                      $10

Fee for our services for refills:                                                   $3

All fees are paid after paperwork is done and before it is mailed to you.

We are also in the process of working with a company that will help uninsured people get their eye glasses free. How this will work is we will get your information to see if you qualify and contact the company and and give them your info and they will give us a voucher to send you to take to participating eye doctors offices and get your glasses. You will have to have an eye exam done before an application can be sent to the company that has to be paid for by you. The eye glass prescription has to be attached to the application when we send it to the company. 

Thank You and We look Forward to serving you.

Phillips Helping Hands